Solar Impulse Panel Discussion
in partnership with Air Liquide
"Renewable Energy"
September 15th, 2021

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Do you have an efficient & sustainable solution in Renewable Energy?

Pitch your business in front of an international investor audience from home!

Be a game changer in Renewable Energy, in particular:

  • Carbon footprint traceability
  • Original Warranty Certificate of the energy used
  • Load management: active control of electricity consumption


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Event details


September 15th, 17:00 CEST


  • 5 labeled innovators with solutions in Energy selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation, Air Liquide and EuroQuity
  • Industrials with the same problematics than Air Liquide
  • 1 person from Air Liquide
  • 1 SIF moderator: time keeper & logistics
  • 1 moderator from SIF network, in cleantech: discussion leader


50+ international & pan-European investors, VCs, Corporate VCs, Cleantech Funds and Impact Investors with a specific interest by investing in Energy.


Two line-ups

> First line-up - 30 minutes - Thought Leaders

Panel discussion between stakeholders with the same challenges as Air Liquide.

To engage discussion & introduce the solutions that try to solve those problems.

> Second line-up - 60 minutes - Solutions

  • Elevator pitch: the start-ups will have 2 minutes to pitch their solution.
  • 10 minutes for each company:
    • 5 minutes to discuss a particular subject & to put their solution into context.
    • 5 minutes of questions asked by the moderator - asked by the audience prior to the session.



90 minutes Webinar Session on Zoom: same link for the two line-ups.

Live on LinkedIn!


Only Solar Impulse Labeled Solutions can participate.

Have received the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label by August 25th