Solar Impulse Investment e-Pitch
"Freight & Logistics"
September 29th, 2022

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Do you have an efficient & sustainable solution in freight and logistic?

Pitch your business in front of an international investor audience and potential strategic partners or clients from home!

Looking for Solutions in

  • Smart logistics of goods
  • Traffic and route management
  • Route optimization
  • Transport operations
  • Fleet management
  • Sustainable shipping


Step 1 - Show your interest

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Apply before July 9th, 2021

Step 2 - Submit your Solution(s)
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  • Deadline for Application
    Submit a complete application by July 15th.

    Note: The evaluation process can take up to 8 weeks.

  • Evaluation
    Independant Experts will evaluate your projects against 3 criteria: Feasibility, Environmental Impact and Profitability/Cost. (more info)

  • Selections
    Only complete application will be considered for the E-pitch and get a chance to obtain the Solar Impulse Label.
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Event details


September 29th, 17h00 CEST


  • 5 promising startups selected by the Solar Impulse Foundation and Euroquity
  • Exclusively for Labeled Solutions


50+ international & pan-European investors, VCs, Corporate VCs, Cleantech Funds and Impact Investors with a specific interest by investing in freight and logistic. Furthermore, the Global Logistics Emissions Council and the Smart Freight Centre members will participate including a large number of multinationals representing potential strategic partnerships and clients.


Online, 6 mins + 3 mins Q&A


Only Solar Impulse Labeled Solutions can participate.

Have received the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label before September 5th.


Financial Information Form

We are constantly building partnerships with investors seeking companies like yours. If you are currently raising funds, please update your financial details to help us promote you among our wider investor ecosystem, in particular with the two Solar Impulse Funds launched in collaboration with Rothschild & Co. and BNP Paribas.

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