Call for solutions to Reduce your energy bills 

Do you have an efficient & sustainable  solution to reduce energy consumption at home?

What's in it for you?

  • Enter the radar of two major energy-device distributors in Europe (an energy provider and a distributor of home improvement products in the B2C market)
  • If eligible, benefit from direct introductions with high-level decision-makers in those groups, and other of the Solar Impulse Foundation
  • Receive all the benefits of the Efficient Solutions Label, if awarded (more info)

Looking for B2C Solutions to

  • Store domestically produced Energy
    • Thermal
    • Kinetic
    • Compressed Air
    • Any other innovative storage 

  • Reduce heating by improving air qualityimage001-3
    • Dehumidifying
    • Purifying 
    • Monitoring
    • Ventilating

  • Manage energy during peak period
    • Demand Side Management
    • Peak Shaving technologies

Target Market

France, Belgium, Spain 


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Deadline to show interest 

February 28th 2023