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What's in it for you?

  • Enter the radar of a major energy provider in Europe
  • Take part in the development of the ideal Solar Farm
  • Receive all the benefits of the Efficient Solutions Label, if awarded (more info)


Looking for Solutions to

  • Manage impacts in the Design phase of a Solar Farm.
    Heal, restore and protect site
    • Polluted land revalorization
    • Floating PV: Tidal range prediction; anchorage and mooring.
    • Deployment of phytoremediation technology + PV; carbon capturing foam + PV
    • Efficient AgriPV (crops enabler; adaptation to different ecosystems; boost pollination)


  • Improve the technical and Environmental performances of the PV products and their manufacturing
    • Optimise manufacturing lines or manufacturing process
    • PV module designed with a better reliability and lifetime
    • Bifacial modules (capturing the sun’s rays returned from the ground) without geotextile on the ground, nor paint on the roof.
    • Reduce energy and water consumption and waste in manufacturing phase.
    • Heat transfer in PV manufacturing process


  • Optimize material consumption and develop a circular economy
    • Increase Use of recycled material and PV products reparability
    • Use of RPM (Recycled  Primary Materials) In PV products
    • Recycling of solvents/recovery cleaning effluent used in the processes
    • Traceability solutions, linked to the production and use of recycled materials
    • Solutions for the recycling of photovoltaic silicon
    • Upgrade processes and openings of recycling PV products 

  • Manage and optimise the End of use waste
    • Reparability of PV components
    • Collecting, sorting and recycling of photovoltaic module wastes
    • Minimise dismantling impacts


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